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Magician Mystique

With his unique style and diverse background, Mystique captivates audiences from as young as 4 years old and as wise as 102 with amazing feats of spellbinding magic and prestidigitation. He constantly breaks new barriers with his act, which he has performed all over the US in venues such as trade shows, gospel shows, corporate events, resorts, hotels, country clubs, nightclubs, street fairs and private events.

Mystique, a multifaceted magician, is the sum total of all these parts. Tall, handsome. and commanding, he is poised to become the next great illusionist. No wonder they call him the entertainers’ entertainer!

Mystique is an .all around showman, excellent for events that call for a dynamic and unique performer. Mystique began practicing magic at the age of 8 with street performance troupes. By age 14, Mystique was delighting children at birthday parties with magic, balloon twisting and face painting.

For over 30 years Mystique has developed a show business career that combines the discipline of magic with other aspects of the performing arts. Mystique is in demand for private functions, parties and benefits. He does productions with breath taking routines involving doves, fire, vanishing and special effects.

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