Magician Mahogany Legette

She’s young, she is vibrant, she has talent, and she is Black. Mahogany Legette is her name. The uniqueness of her name already lets you know that she will be one that will not be forgotten.

Mahogany Legette lives in Cocoa, Florida she is formerly from Orlando, Florida. She studied at Duke University and it was then, when she saw things happening in her life that would change her thought process and her view of magic.

Her love for magic happened in the most unique way. She wasn’t impressed by the magician at Chuck E. Cheese’s; but the style and magic that she performs was inspired by many legends of magic who perform close up and on stage. In just a short time she has accomplished so much with her magical talents. This has pushed her all the way to the top at such a young age.

In 2015 she was crowned 2nd place in the Teen Division, in the “Magic Dove Magic Shop” magic contest….The Magical Black Princess has arrived. The magic world will never be the same.

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